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I have ever played Championship Manager 2001/02 (CM 01/02) with the 4-4-2 Formation and I have won many competitions in europe or world. I like to use the young players in my squad. There are many potential players at that time. Here is the list of my players that I can call it wonderkid player in CM 01/02.

GK:Paul Robinson (Came with Leeds, Great shot stopper)
LB:John o shea (from Manchestter United and is great with pace to stop players)
RB:Gary Kelly (From Leeds, not exactly young but still plays, very good player, Personal favourite)
CB:John Terry (Cost me next to nothing and is very pacey, becomes England captain and was my captain for the first 3 seasons)
CB:Christian Zaccardo (doesn't look good but is a great tackler and gets alot better)
LM:Rafael Van Der Vaart (3.5mill at beginning of game, now is my captain)
RM:Jermaine Pennant (Extremely good pace and in season team of year 5 times in a row)
CM:Ronaldinho (Expensive and doesn't make an impact till 2nd season, top scorer for the next 6 seasons with no less than 40 goals each season)
CM:Joe Cole (West Ham wont let him leave for less than 10 mill but is an imense player and constantly assists goals MOM almost every game)
CF:Alan Smith (Came with Leeds and is the best player on the game after 2 seasons)
CF:Fernando Torres (4mill he cost me at the beginning of the game, great shooter)

Championship Manager 01/02 Free Download | CM 01/02 Free Download

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If you want to flashback in your past time when the game called championship manager is still a famous game, and you want to download it free. Yeah, at this site, I will tell you the way how to download championship manager 01/02 free. With over 100,000 players, managers and leagues featured in the game, Championship Manager 01/02 also features new updates like the aforementioned updated transfers and player lists, the current transfer system, as well as new things never present in the original CM0102 like interactions with the media and the board.

Before you download championship manager 01/02 to your PC, here is the minimum sytem requirements:
* CarbonLib
* PowerPC 120 MHz CPU.
* 64 MB RAM.
* 200 MB free disk space.
* 800x600 display.
* CD-ROM drive.

If you want to download championship manager 01/02 or CM 01/02, you need to register first then download it.

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